Fri, 2:00 pm

Mediafrenzy Fridays happen bi-weekly from 2-4pm.  DJ mediafrenzy plays a wide variety of musical genres using multiple mediums.  This is not a pre-programmed laptop show: she will be spinning vinyl, flipping records, cueing CDs and exploring digital tracks.  Most of her shows have a theme/topic discussed (often political/environmental/social issues or local events), with related songs selected to accompany the informative dialogue.  She's always happy to hear from callers, with requests or information about the topic on hand.  Past topics have included Nature London, Climate Change, Prisoner's Justice, Buy Nothing Day, Plight of the Bees, Mother Earth Month, Emergence Festival, Record Store Day, Beltane, Equinox, Summer Festivals, European Travels, Local Music, World Radio Day, All Women's Voices, Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women, Veg Fest, EVAC, NXNE, Mantis Festival and more.

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