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Sept 25 2017 - Episode #122
Featuring 17 Brand New Songs

Sept 11 2017 - Episode #120
Featuring 16 Brand New Songs

Back to Back To The Garden Special Presentation

Episode #118 August 28 2017 - The DeRoK and RoLL Radio Free London Show Pt 1
Part 1 of 6 - Jocelyn Rasmussen, Roger Fisher, Westminster Park, DeRoK

Part 2 of 6 - Aaron Allen, Arcadia Blue, Newport Electric, Coming Up Roses

Part 3 of 6 - Scott Brunelle, Chris Scott, Broomsticks and Hammers, Alex Mason, Cedar Sisters

Episode #119 Sept 04 2017 - The DeRoK and RoLL Radio Free London Show Pt 2
Part 4 of 6 - Brooke Topp, Jay Atwill, Joe Borowski, Supernatural Buffalo

Part 5 of 6 - Sean McCready, Safe as Milk, Andy Chillman & Jess Jones, Brooke Topp (Bonus Tracks)

Part 6 of 6 - Jay Atwill (Bonus Tracks), Pete Denomme & The Cosmic Cowboys

Previous Episodes Featuring close to 200 local artists
July 10 2017 Episode #112

July 03 2017 Episode #111

June 26 2017 Episode #110 feat 1 Brand New Songs

June 19 2017 Episode #109 feat 2 Brand New Songs

June 12 2017 Episode #108 feat 6 Brand New Songs

June 05 2017 Episode #107 feat 6 Brand New Songs

May 29 2017 Episode #106 feat. 3 Brand New Songs

May 22 2017 Episode #105 feat. 8 Brand New Songs

May 15 2017 Episode #104 feat. 4 Brand New Songs

May 08 2017 Episode #103

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Monday 12am-2am…That’s Sunday night right after Play Dead Radio.
Join DeRoK Sunday nights at midnight as he features up and coming rising stars and local live music.  Listen in and discover new talent and songs you’ve never heard before, as we embark on this musical journey down the road of the indie artist.  Live field recordings from open mic nights in London.  New songs weekly.  New music featured every week to start the show.  Current catalog of songs and request list can also be found HERE
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June 30th 2014 First time my music was played on the radio.  Was drawn in by the ad for volunteers.
Jan 26th 2015 first time performing on air, and was thrown in from guest to host and played a bunch of my own cds.
Feb 09 2am-3am test show #1 on Radio Free London
Feb 16 2am-4am test show #2 Family Day theme with local recordings from the London Music Club
Mar 02 2am-3am test show #3 with live recorded music from Patrick James Clark Buffalo Wild Wings show
Mar 23 2am-3am test show #4 featuring the music of Trusty Fox
Apr 21 2pm-3:30pm Pilot show #1 bluegrass format with cohost John "the NiteBat" Gardi (Uncle Dans Old Tyme Hour fill in)
Apr 28 2pm-3:30pm Pilot show #2 Interview and live music with Broomsticks and Hammers Bill Needham and Dave Jury (Uncle Dans Old Tyme Hour fill in)
May 04 7am-9am Ep01 Interview with Patrick James Clark and an in depth look at Letters to Beatrice Ep (First official airing of show)

By the end of June 2015, for the most part, drawing now entirely from my own collection of field recordings.
Oct 05 2015 New time slot Ep 21 – 12am-2am following  Play Dead Radio and before Radio Free London
June 26 2017 560 songs in the database exclusive to this show and 199 artists in the roster.
Sept 11 2017  Over 650 songs now in the database and 210 artists...



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