By in music on Jun 30, 2017 |

Less than a year ago, when Westminster Park released their New Years CD, I joked that this would tide me over for the moment, but that I would expect a new CD from them as soon as January had passed.

Apparently they were a little slow on the draw.

Be that as it may, the CD was entirely worth the wait.  On this, their fifth recording, the band appears to have perfected their mellow style, creating music reminiscent of summer days sitting in Victoria Park and winter evenings snuggling next to a fireplace.

The album opens with a soulful instrumental introduction, and then moves through upbeat tracks like "Afraid of My Mind" and fan favorites like "Been Out Walking".  For me, however, the highlight was the magnificently melodic "Lately (I Don't Wanna Fight)", a song about, well, exactly what the title says it's about.  It's a wonderfully danceable track that'll I'll be putting on the radio for years to come.

The CD is already available online, but will be formally released to the public on July 29th at UnLondon in the old Novack's Building.

You should come out.