By in news on Feb 16, 2017 |

The North American Free Trade Agreement is a trilateral trade deal between Canada, Mexico, and the United States that came into force in 1994.

NAFTA has seen its fair share of controversy in the ensuing decades.

Proponents point out the rise in trade activity, lower cost of goods, and job creation between all three countries. They see NAFTA as a prime example of creating a productive international trading bloc.

On the other hand, people are frustrated with the job losses in the manufacturing sector in North America and identify NAFTA – along with other international trade deals – as the reason behind the decline of industry.

President Donald Trump has said that he views NAFTA as a “bad deal” and has publicly announced that he wants to change NAFTA's terms. Any change in the agreement could have a large impact on the economy of all three countries, including Canada.

Ananth Ramanarayanan, economics professor at Western University, spoke to Radio Western about NAFTA.