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Last week, a group of Western students uncovered dozens of Confederation-era tombstones buried in London's Woodland Cemetery.

The team, hired under the Canada Summer Jobs program, expected to unearth and restore a single tombstone. As they dug, they were surprised to discover several more. They now believe there may be over 100 tombstones buried in the cemetery.

The tombstones belong to Scottish-Canadians who died around the time of Confederation in 1867. With help from local historians, the team has determined that the tombstones were moved to Woodland in the 1950s.

The stones used to populate an old Scottish cemetery on Richmond Street that closed. The cemetery was located around where St. Joseph's Hospital is today.

The students will spend the rest of the summer restoring and cataloging the tombstones. They hope it will tell us more about some of the people who lived in Canada around the time it officially became a country.

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Written and produced by Richard Raycraft.

Special thanks to Levi Hord.

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