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Radio What Wave Playlist June 16/2017. With Mack MacKenzie Live To Air


  1. Hiroshima Hearts….The Well….from their debut CD and they played last night at Rumrunners.
  2. Black Frame Spectacle…..A Line In The Sand….from their Grady Sessions CD and they played with Hiroshima Hearts last night.
  3. The Nervousmen….Stride Adjustment….from a download and they played at Call The Office last night.
  4. Sulfur City….Whispers…from their Talking Loud release on Alive Records and they also played Call The Office last night.
  5. Noble Savages….I Need Action…from their brand new Trouble Brewing CD on Transistor 66 Records and they also played Call The Office last night.
  6. Pacanomad….Paranoid…from the recent Take It Slow CD and they play Call The Office tonight.
  7. Fluer De Lys….Circles….from the Pop Goes Immediate Volume 2 CD. From 1966 and released on the Immediate label and by request. Locals Fine Print used to cover this one.
  8. Coaching For Sara…Stick With You….from their soon to be released CD and they are playing in Aylmer Ontario today for a benefit.
  9. Pale Lips….Hiding From The Moon….from the recent Pentagon Black Compilation Volume 2 and from Montreal.
  10. The Smugglers…Up and Down….from their very first 7” on Nardwuar’s record label. The Smugglers did their first Toronto show in a decade last night and tonight they play at the Ottawa Explosion festival.
  11. Mack MacKenzie….The Devil Likes Me….live to air here on Radio What Wave. For those that don’t know, Mack was the leader of 3 O’Clock Train, a mid 80’s Montreal based country/punk/garage combo who had the hit Train Of Dreams. They released several records at the time and most will be re-issued towards the end of the summer.
  12. Mack MacKenzie…I’m Not Your Indian Boy… Mack said, this was a newer song, only about 20 years old.
  13. Mack MacKenzie….Love To Rain…..
  14. Mack MacKenzie…A Fire I Can’t Put Out…
  15. Mack MacKenzie….Fake Honeymoon….
  16. Mack MacKenzie….Love Hurts…a non-original done by The Everly Brothers (and Nazareth who had a hit with it).  And right after this one, Mack came into the studio to talk about things past, present and future. He’s presently on a solo cross North America tour right now and from here he heads east. You can catch Mack live at Fitzrays on Wednesday June 21st.
  17. 3 O’Clock Train….Stupid Little Angel…recorded live at the Key West Café here in London 2/23/1987.  As Mack said, the band was really tight from touring constantly at this time.
  18. 3 O’Clock Train….The Devil Likes Me….as above. Both tunes recorded on the What Wave mobile recording unit over 30 years ago!
  19. 3 O’Clock Train….Train Of Dreams….from the Wig Wam Beach EP from 1987. Finally got the scoop on the different versions of this song….Mack thinks there are 5 different recordings of this….all explained on the show.
  20. The Smugglers….Jailbait….from the cassette compilation called Cat’O’Nine Tales that came with What Wave zine 21 back in 1992.
  21. The Smugglers….Don’t Mess With Beez….from the Mutiny In Stereo CD from 2004. Beez was/is the bass player for the band.
  22. The Gruesomes….What’s Your Problem….from the same Cat’O’Nine Tales cassette as The Gruesomes were a HUGE influence to The Smugglers (as well as many other combos across Canada)
  23. Link Wray….Batman….from the Link Wray self titled LP on Ace Records from the early 80’s. This one goes out to Adam West who passed away last weekend.
  24. The Marketts….Batman….from The Batman Theme LP released around the time of the Batman TV show to cash in on the craze. Almost soul like!
  25. The Rolling Stones…..Happy…..from the Hot Stuff Volumes 1 and 2 compilation bootleg. This goes out to long time Keith lover Anita Pallenberg who just passed away.
  26. Kasenetz Katz Orchestra….Quick Joey Small….from the Super Circus LP from about 1968 and goes out to our newest family member, Joey.
  27. Joey Ramone….Maria Bartiromo….from his Don’t Worry About Me CD.


HUGE Thanx to Mack MacKenzie for taking the time to drop by the studio, play live and chat about all things happening!! It was a real pleasure and a TON of fun. Mack and I haven’t crossed paths in over 30 years as 3 O’Clock Train used to play London as part of their regular tour.

Mack will be at Fitzrays on Wednesday June 21st for a solo show.

And a HUGE thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!! Back again next week with more noise to annoy.


Here’s a link to what should be the archived show: