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Radio What Wave Playlist August 11/2017


We started a new feature with this edition of Radio What Wave, Meet Your Local Band. We met 2 local bands, Running From Daylight, a fairly recent addition to the London music scene, and Hiroshima Hearts, a well established band who are just about to release their first 7’ record. In fact, we did the world premiere of this about to be released record on the show!


  1. Twin Fin….Jungle Room….from their brand new just released vinyl  LP Whiskey Wine and Venom Love. The record release party was last weekend at the Richmond Hotel, and it was to a packed and enthusiastic crowd!
  2. Running From Daylight….Elvis Ain’t Dead….live recording from Call The Office. Right about this time, Andrew Bellini-Rutledge (vocals and guitar) from Running From Daylight came onair to talk about the band’s big show happening on the eve of this radio show and all things Running From Daylight. This was our first attempt at Meet Your Local Band and it seemed to go over well.
  3. Running From Daylight….Folsom Prison Blues….as above.
  4. Running From Daylight…Coffin For 2….from a recent demo that you can download from Bandcamp.
  5. Running From Daylight…Devil’s Night….as above.  Big Thanx to Andrew for coming onair to talk and be the inaugural (guinea pig) for our new Meet Your Local Band feature!
  6. The Zantees….Please Give Me Something….from their 1980 LP Out For Kicks on Bomp Records and played this as Andrew sounds a bit like the young Billy Miller on this track. And that ain’t anything to be taken lightly!
  7. The Thing From Outer Space…..Too Drunk To Surf….their latest demo and they are playing with Running From Daylight at the Richmond on the eve of this show.
  8. The Thing From Outer Space….The Thing From Outer Space….from their recent CD of the same name.
  9. Roger Zuraw….Homeless Man….brand new and from an upcoming release by Etobicoke resident.
  10. 3 O’Clock Train….Train Of Dreams….from the 1985 LP Wig Wam Beach. Features Mack MacKenzie on vocals and guitar and we’ll be featuring Mack on a live to air in 2 weeks time here on Radio WW (August 25th).
  11. Fireball Grant….Alright Now….from his latest recordings and we had Fireball on a couple weeks back.
  12. The Bandits….Bandito….from The Electric 12 LP from the mid 60’s and this features Glen Campbell on the 12 string Rick. RIP to Glen Campbell.
  13. The Heck….Waiting In Line…from a brand new 7” on Dirty Water Records from the UK.
  14. Steppenwolf….Born To Be Wild…from a Greatest Hits LP and goes out to Goldy McJohn who played the big keyboards on this one. RIP to Goldy. For those that don’t know, Steppenwolf started out in Toronto as The Sparrow, then moved out to California, renamed themselves and took off from there.
  15. Hiroshima Hearts…..Spend Your Money….from the Bone Music EP and right about here, Jenn Marino and Michael DV joined me for the second Meet Your Local Band feature on this show.
  16. Hiroshima Hearts….Reach Out….from the about to be released 7” on Hiroshima Hearts Records. This was the official world premiere over the airwaves! The official release party is September 16th at Aeolian Hall along with their good pals Pacanomad. For those that have never been, Aeolian Hall has Amazing acoustics and is an old style music hall.
  17. Hiroshima Hearts….Got Me Moving….the B side of the single. The covers aren’t finished yet, but the artwork is by local (soon to be legendary) artist Jeremy Bruneel!
  18. Hiroshima Hearts….Pistol….also from the Bone Music EP.
  19. 63 Monroe….Punk Rock Goalie…from the recent Jeff LP and they will be playing Saturday night at SOHO along with 44i and Running From Daylight and former Terminal Dave Clark’s band.
  20. B Girls….B Side….from their Who Says Girls Can’t Rock CD on OPM Records. B Girls have just released a vinyl LP on Bomp Records which features many of the songs from this CD. There is a London connection as Marcy Saddy was the drummer for most of the B Girls recordings.


Big Thanx to Andrew of Running From Daylight and Hiroshima Hearts, Jenn and Michael for coming live onair here on Radio WW!! Hope you listeners had as much fun as I did!

And a big thanx for all the phone calls, emails and facebook messages while onair!! Much appreciated!!


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