By in news on Jan 22, 2017 |

He, she, or xe/ze?

In the last few years, few topics have attracted as much attention and controversy on university campuses as gender identity. People who identify as gender non-binary are more open about their beliefs than ever before, and this has led to debates across university campuses.

A subset of the gender identity movement is related to the use of language. Pronouns in many Indo-European languages, including English, are classified through genders. Beyond pronouns, many words and phrases in English often require the speaker to assume the gender of the person they are speaking to or about.

People on the gender non-binary spectrum are pushing for gender-neutral language and the usage of personal gender pronouns to make language more inclusive. But is this a realistic goal? Why is gender-neutral language important to the gender non-binary community?

In this feature documentary from Radio Western, Mohammad Abrar explores gender neutral language and personal gender pronouns in English.

Excerpts of a Jordan Peterson interview with CBC were used for this documentary.