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Conversations from the suite to the street with host Duncan McAllister. You can catch Listen to London every Tuesday at 11 AM.

See the Line Concussion Symposium. This is a collaborative, 10 year initiative that seeks to educate athletes, coaches, parents and the broader community about the serious impact of concussions. This event enables everyone to become concussion aware in sport and life from experts from the athletic world and the medical community.

Guests include Dr. Michael Strong, Eric Lindros, Hayley Wickenheiser, Ron Maclean, Dr. Chris Nowinksi and others.

Bikes and Brains, Founder Joy Cameron an Awareness Pubic speaker and advocate draws attention to the fourth anniversary of her accident that changed the trajectory of her life. While cycling she was struck rendering her with a concussion. Bike and Brains, along with local supporters, provides concussion awareness, and provides bicycle helmets to our youth. Listen to her story, passion and hopes for a safer city along with City of London Councillor Jared Zaifman, who spoke of his recent concussion and how he deals with it daily and local business person Ben Cowie spoke on how to make the streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians referring to Vision Zero.


There are a few among us who are able to pull communities closer together. Gary Brown of the Wortley Village (Old South Heritage Conservation District) is one individual who works tirelessly to retain the tightly knit community in his neighbourhood. He shares his story of success with festivals and events in a small pocket of the city and how his efforts and community passion can transfer to other communities around the city.

The city has a high number of marginalized, invisible, low income and homeless people. Far too many for a city of this size according to Pastor Dan Morand who works at Ground Zero in our community dealing with people like these on a daily basis. They are not who or what you think. Many were successful and had careers but have fallen on hard times. Pastor Dan is dealing out religion, he is giving hope. Listen to the heart wrenching interview that puts the cards on the table and in turn deals one card to each of us in the form of a challenge.

Our community is rich with many who share a sense of pride and passion about the Forest City. Shawna Lewkowitz spread her infectious love of the city in conversation about Women in Politics, Urban League Voices of Diversity and a strong bond with our city. Her initiatives are weaving threads through the fabric of our community in many ways. Listen in to find out more.