By in music on Oct 12, 2017 |

Broomsticks & Hammers has always put on one hell of a show.  Their energy is infectious, and they seem to have a limitless supply thereof.

In Mirrorbox, the band has taken that energy and managed to distill it down into a single CD.  From the opening track of 'Svetlana' you know you're in for something good.  'LTJ' is a remake of a Broomsticks & Hammers classic - Lord Thunderin Jesus - and 'Gina' and 'Madame Clarke' tell entrancing stories.

The group, however, is equally successful on their rare forays into slower music.  'Don't Leave Bruises' is a slow, mournful piece, as is 'Refugee Freedom', the album's final track.

Broomsticks & Hammers will be releasing the album this Saturday, at a celebratory concert at the Jack Richardson Music Hall of Fame.  The event is sold out, much to the dismay of all music lovers lacking a ticket, but the groups performs regularly, and copies of the album will be finding their way into local record stores.  I heartily recommend picking one up.