By in music on Jul 30, 2013 |

My name’s Matt Trocchi and I book all the shows at The APK, promote some shows under the promotonal moniker Half a Dino, and play in an experimental rock group called Say Domino. I am heavily involved in the music and arts scene, and I think it’s an exciting time in London right now for live music!

Over the last few weeks, two separate DIY spaces have started putting on shows and enjoyed very successful first nights (see: crazy loft space above Scot's Corner & new LIUG headquaters at Adelaide & Princess).  There have been any number of local album release shows around the city, and there certainly isn’t a shortage of new bands emerging every month it seems.  There’s been a healthy core group of established acts in London for a little while, and it’s exciting to see newer groups really making a name for themselves.

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of attending the 40th Anniversary of the Forest City Gallery, and witnessing extraordinary sets from locals Thesis Sahib, Wild Domestic and the Nihilist Spasm Band.  It was such a diverse group of individuals, some I knew and certainly a fair number I didn’t, that were brought together by a common passion. I believe that it’s that passion for music that propels Nihilist Spasm Band forward after all these years (they formed in the '60s). A specific passion that keeps and that will keep keeping, people interested in music in London.

While I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want you to come check out some of the upcoming shows at The APK, I encourage you to get there and check everything out. There is so much happening, so many people doing things and such an abundance of great music developing right underneath your nose. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, to try something new and to go out and support artistic growth in this place we call home.

There are a lot of resources in London for finding out what’s happening, and there’s really no excuse to not find out about local music if you’re interested. Local music blogs like London Indie Underground, Hot Dog and Indie Underground are all great places to start, and showcase a ton of local independent talent as well as interesting acts that will be coming to town. A lot of great live shows are listed on a few key websites such as London Fuse, and even on Tourism London’s page.

But don’t just stay on the internet, because these here interwebs can only take us so far. Go check out any of London’s many live music venues (exhaustive list courtesy of, listen to CHRW or visit one of our independent record stores (Grooves, The Village Idiot, Speed City Records).

I’m not sure how to end this but how about with some shameless self promotion? The only show “Half a Dino” is putting on this summer is a real doozy. On Saturday, August 10, Southwestern Ontario punks The Dirty Nil are making their triumphant return to the APK (check out the video for their hit ‘Fuckin Up Young’ below). Joining them are local shoegazers S.M. and a really neat indie rock act Delhi out of Guelph. The show is $7 at the door, doors are at 9PM and everything you need to know is here.