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Dr. June Matthews Interview

Brescia University College Associate Professor Dr. June Matthews will present a FRESH workshop at the United States DPI/NGO Conference in New York.  During the conference, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other members of civil society will discuss plans towards a sustainable future. The sustainable development goals will begin in 2015.

Dr. Matthews was selected because she is an International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) member. The FRESH supervisor will focus on peer education at the conference.

She suggests faculty members and elders can teach young people how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

“They can learn how to purchase food more sustainably; they can learn just basic food skills that many people don’t have. Once they learn those skills, they can teach that to their peers, said Dr. Matthews.

The Food and Nutritional Sciences professor recognizes food waste as a sustainability issue.

“It’s been reported a third to a half of annual food that’s produced by weight is wasted,” she said, “Now, some of it might be lost that comes in post-production, but a great deal of it occurs within the home, and this food waste contributes to global CO2  emissions.”

Dr. Matthews believes that talking about food waste is a form of food literacy that can affect changing climate.  She believes food literacy is an important skill to teach. 

“Teaching food literacy is not only a private value, where it can help people improve their health, but the public value is that it decreases healthcare costs, if people are not having so many chronic diseases, but we’re [also] looking at issues such as climate change.”

FRESH is a peer nutrition education program run by Brescia students for Western University students, and one of the five represnting IFHE. 

The conference runs from August 27th to 29th.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons