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We continue promoting People’s Right to Integrative Medicine (PRIM -  because we truly believe that we have the Freedom to choose...
As our guest today we have Janis Hannan from who is a Holistic Therapist using a combination of Reiki, Energy Medicine, Reflexology, Aromatheraphy Massage and Nutritional Supplements to balance and facilitate the healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit… You can contact Janis also by phone at: 519-657-2248 or by email at:
Over the phone we had Jackie Emmons from who shared with us her pesonal experience with money and a different perspective on how to solve your financial stress. Also she spoke about the Access Bar which is an energy treatment. Jackie will be offering Access Bar treatments at the Breast Show in Town next weekend. To contact Jackie you can call her at: 519-914-5240
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