Fri, 2:00 pm

It's Friday at 2 pm and your life couldn't get any worse. You are pacing around at work. Drowning in the middle of an office building. The workload is too much for one man. You are nervous and aggravated. They are down your throat with demands and deadlines and you are at your breaking point. Maybe you're laying in bed. The same bed she used to lay in. Now you're just as empty inside. As empty as the bed without her in it. It feels a million miles long and the sheets are so heavy now you can't breath. You just need her to hold you. But she's not there...no one is..and she's not coming back this time. Or maybe you are sitting in your car in an empty parking lot weeping quietly. You have fallen apart and nothing can be done to fix you. You can't find the strength to turn the engine on and even if you did, where would you go?  So you decide to turn on the radio. At work, at home or in the car. You turn it on to distract yourself from the mess that has become your life. You blindly dial through stations. Hoping something will stick. Then suddenly you hear something. Something that both repulses and fascinates you. Then something pretty. Now something strange. You look down and see that you are tuned to 94.9. You repeat those numbers in your mind and listen for a while. Things are starting to make sense again. And for an hour and a half your worries and fears subside as you sink into your surroundings. You're carried by the sounds radiating from your speakers. And those sounds..they are the sounds of Panty Shots Radio. The only radio show that makes you feel human again. The only thing you have left in your world gone mad..

Panty shots radio

Every other Friday 2 - 4 pm

94.9 chrw

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